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Eva Papouskova

Eva Papouskova

Associate Lecturer
School of Media & IT

Eva Papouskova is an author of screenplays, books and playscripts, whose wide experience of the creative industry extends from writing highly-praised books for children in Czech, to collaborating with (among others) Oscar-winning director Malcolm Clarke.

She graduated from the screenwriting department at FAMU and has written more than 120 hours for prime-time TV, as well as one feature, and a number of documentaries and animations.

Currently Eva is focused on teaching screenwriting in English, and is an associate lecturer in the PCU Creative Media Production programme. 


Mgr., Academy of Performing Arts Film section (FAMU)


Professional Activities


2018-2023 - Prague City University, associate lecturer
2016-2023 - FAMU International, pedagogical activity, screenwriting and dramaturgy
2014-2015 - Zlatá stuha, bookshop literary awards, fundraising
2000-2023 - independent screenwriter

2019 - O Čertovi, animated film, adaptation 
2013 - Srdce ženy, Česká televize, tv film adaptation, screenplay
2012 – Obchoďák, TV Prima, serial, team screenwriter 
2012 - Svatby v Benátkách, TV Prima, serial, synopsis
2011 - Tchýně a uzený, Česká televize, screenplay, adaptation
2010 - Zázraky života, TV Prima, serial, screenwriter of 26 parts 
2008 - Svatba na bitevním poli, feature film, screenplay
2006-2007 - Světla pasáže, CET 21 (TV NOVA) serial, 16 parts - screenwriter, theme author 
2003-2008 - Pojišťovna štěstí, CET 21 (TV NOVA) serial, 82 screenplays – screenwriter, theme author 
2002-2003 - Kanafásek - Česká televize, evening cartoons - screenwriter, coauthor
2000 - Řád saténových mašlí, Česká televize, screenwriter, theme author 
2011-2012 - external cooperation, column writing for ONA Dnes+
executive producer producent ČR Love, Hate and Propaganda - Cold War, documentary, Canada

2002 - location manager,  Alliance Atlantis, "Hitler: The Rise of Evil" 
2001 - dramaturgist, database supervisor, acquisitions manager,  AQS, Praha
2000 - production coordinator, Cineplex Odeon Films - documentary "Prisoner of Paradise" (Oscar nomination)
1995-1996 ČR - coordinator - SHOAH - Visual History Foundation,  Los Angeles, USA 
1995 - coordinator, Miloš Havel Foundation
1994 - art director, copywriter – advertising agency GREY, Praha 
1988-1990 - moderator, Československá TV, students' programme, Generace 2000



2018 – Zlatá hruška, Slovinsko – Kosprd a Telecí
2014 – Nomination Magnesia Litera, winner Zlatá stuha, winner SUK

2012 - winner of the third annual competition Albatros Media 
2005 - award TýTý 2004 for the best serial and audience award for the absolute winner for the best serial - Pojišťovna štěstí
2004 - ANNO award for the best serial - Pojišťovna štěstí
1993 - Maxim award for the best student screenplay, FAMU
1990 - special jury award, Film festival Tokio, Japan



2018 - "Cílovníci", book for older children
2016 - "Vombat Jirka" 1., 2. 3., books for children
2014 - "Cestování s Velrybou", book for children
2012 - "Kosprd a Telecí", book for children