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University Insight Series: Three-day Business Taster
8 to 10 July 2024

Are you curious about what students learn when they study business at university? An undergraduate business degree is a solid foundation that introduces you to diverse roles within an organisation and teaches you entrepreneurial skills, opening many interesting possibilities for the future. 

This three-day introductory workshop is tailored specifically for high school students who are interested in experiencing university life and exploring business studies in an engaging and practical manner. Students will be guided through a structured programme that will introduce them to key business concepts through interactive sessions delivered by faculty from the School of Business.

Br Bruce Gahir, Associate Dean of the School of Business
Indrustry Council Launch

Class schedule: Monday, July 8 (10:00 — 16:00), Tuesday, July 9 & Wednesday, July 10 (9:00 — 16:00)
Price: 2 500 CZK
Lecturers: Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir and Marek Kocák
Accommodation (if required, details upon request): Student House Botič

Recommended ages: 16 — 18 year olds

Students receive a certificate on completion of the course

The workshop is conducted in English, and we recommend an intermediate level of proficiency. If you have any uncertainties or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at admissions@pcu.cz.
We’re more than happy to help!


Day 1: Introduction to Business Studies
Dr Stefano Cavagnetto, Dean of the School of Business

What do West Point Academy and military strategy have to do with business? Why does psychology and biology have a say in business? Are sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies relevant for business? This workshop has two main goals: firstly, to explore the roots of how business studies have diversified and to understand why, and secondly, to offer a comprehensive overview of current areas of study within this continuously expanding academic discipline. 

Day 2: Working with Numbers, Information and Decisions
Dr Bruce Gahir, Associate Dean of the School of Business

The use of spreadsheets like MS Excel and Google Sheets is paramount in business applications, and the understanding and use of such tools is a vital skill for any job that analyses data for strategic planning, business information and analytics. The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to the tools available in MS Excel and/or Google Sheets for the analysis and presentation of data to support sound decision-making and leading successful business strategies.

Day 3: Digital Marketing — A Sports Company Case
Marek Kocák, Principal Lecturer

An introduction to digital marketing featuring a sports company as the chosen case study. The workshop includes a lecture on creating a digital marketing plan tailored for such a company. This involves conducting secondary market analysis using the marketing mix and deriving implications for the case study, identifying target audiences through various forms of segmentation, and explaining how to optimise digital presence for the target audience. Following the lecture, participants apply the theory to the case study and engage in subsequent discussion.

Are you interested and do you have any questions?

Feel free to email us at: admissions@pcu.cz and we will get back to you.