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Guest Artists: Filip and Jamie from "STELL/\RIS"

by Scy, on Mar 22, 2021 12:56:14 PM

Last week, UNMUTE music society had the chance to speak with members of STELL/\RIS, a female fronted modern metal band from Prague. On Zoom we met with Filip Tatoušek (the guitarist of the band) and Jamie Vykoukal (the drummer). They shared with us their first single and videoclip “Find your course” which was released in August 2020 and they told us about the songwriting and production process.

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 14.18.53

STELL/\RIS was founded in 2018 and the other current members are Nicol (vocals), Milpi (guitar) and Libor (bass). Filip joined the band in August 2020 when it was already different for bands to perform on stage because of the pandemic. Live shows are a strong motivation to keep going to a lot of bands. The interaction with people gives a great feeling and helps you to become more confident in your own music. But at the moment, live shows are off limits, of course. However, the members of STELL/\RIS decided not to give up hope and came up with a new approach to fill their time.

“It’s tough for bands to move on in the current situation. But we take it as a great opportunity to focus on things that we usually wouldn’t have time for, like creating new songs, marketing, and really getting to know each other.”

During our meeting we learned more about the importance of practice and how to get better in, for example, playing guitar. Filip and Jamie also talked about collaborating with other musicians and sharing the music you’ve created. They were very open and honest when answering all kinds of questions. It was useful information for the Music Society, but also for the musicians among us as individuals. 

“We look forward to seeing you guys at our shows in Prague one day and to have a beer together.”

IG: stellaris_officialband
Filip: tatousekfilip
Jamie: jamiew_stellarisdrums

Did you want to be there, but somehow couldn’t make it? The meeting is recorded and you can watch it here.

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Screenshot 2021-03-21 at 17.07.53

“Filip & Jamie - STELL/\RIS & Inspiration” Tracklist

  1. Find Your Course - STELL/\RIS
  2. Gravedigger - Architects
  3. Defender - August Burns Red
  4. Black Flame - Bury Tomorrow
  5. The Alliance - Cypecore
  6. Aftermath - The Ghost Inside
  7. You Are We - While She Sleeps
  8. Human - Sincerely Collins, The Word Alive
  9. I, The Creator - Monuments
  10. Into Despair - Currents
  11. Lost In The Static - After The Burial
  12. Rules Of Nines - Spiritbox
  13. Mercy - Sylosis
  14. I Speak Astronomy - Jinjer
  15. The End of All We Know - Bleed From Within

Playlist link - https://sptfy.com/e23q

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