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Guest Playlist Curator: Tenui - "15 Inspirational Artists"

by Scy, on Dec 19, 2020 2:24:50 PM

As Prague College is closing its door and our last classes of the year are coming to an end, we meet up with the Music Society one last time to end this year and the 3-week songwriting crash course with something special. Yesterday we had Tenui over to join our meeting, who moved from Bali to Europe as a kid to pursue a music career and ended up at age 16 as one of the youngest certified producers and audio engineers. Now he is releasing his own songs and music and yesterday's afternoon he shared with us tips and tricks on songwriting and music composing. If you missed out and you would like to learn about songwriting, you can watch the Zoom meeting for yourself, click here to see the recording.

Next to sharing his knowledge in music making, Tenui also shared with us 15 artists that inspire him. “This playlist is filled with amazing songs, each chosen for a specific reason. I hope you enjoy it.”
The Music Society also recommends you to check out the bonus number (16) which is the latest song by Tenui! To hear it yourself, go over to Spotify by clicking right here. 

Screenshot 2020-12-19 at 13.33.00

"I chose these songs based on different things I like about them, Charlie Puth is in my opinion one of the most talented artists right now, his writing and production is amazing, you can hear a lot of different small details in the song, Billie Eillish is in it as she and her brother Finneas (who writes the songs and produces them) are redefining pop and have created their own style, Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz are personally my 2 of my favourite songwriters, Tom Misch’s song “Lost in Paris” is really fun and crazily about a hard drive he lost in Paris. John Mayer’s “Stop this train” is in my opinion the most relatable song ever written and so on.”

“Tenui - 15 Inspirational Artists” Tracklist

  1. Charlie Puth - Attentiontenuis3
  2. Billie Eilish - everything i wanted
  3. Sara Bareilles - Little Voice
  4. Jason Mraz - Please Don’t Tell Her
  5. Tom Misch, GoldLink - Lost in Paris
  6. John Mayer - Stop This Train
  7. Alec Benjamin - Mind Is A Prison
  8. Sam Tompkins - You Broke My Heart So Gently
  9. Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky
  10. Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
  11. The 1975 - Somebody Else
  12. Mokita - ICLYA
  13. Parachute - Forever And Always
  14. Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don’t Need You
  15. Foster The People - Houdini
  16. Tenui - Get Me Out

Playlist link - https://sptfy.com/5ldQ

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