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Guest Playlist Curator: Zhenia - "My little personal collection"

by Scy, on Feb 24, 2021 7:03:19 PM

This week you will be able to take a small look into the mind of one of Prague College's own artist and Art and Experimental Media student; Zhenia. She shares with us some songs that make her happy and I am sure you might find yourself singing along or smiling when hearing some of these songs. Try out this beautiful playlist that covers all kinds of genres and moods with a tiny bit of a Russian flavour to it.

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"For years, music has been the only thing that could make me happy. Here is my little personal collection of songs that I have been choosing throughout the years, and which I decided to keep in some special corner of my heart. So, if I was a playlist of songs, I'd be this one."

You might have seen Zhenia singing and playing guitar at some of the Prague College parties. And she will again, coming Friday at the Welcome Party!

"Right now I'm trying to experiment with all of the materials I have. So, at the moment it's not about the end result, its about process. By researching I gain my experience with musical instruments and different programs.
So, even though I don't produce any sounds or songs, I'm trying to find more and more new ways to express my self through music

“Zhenia - My little personal collection” Tracklist

  1. я не знаю кто ты - Nochnye Snaipery
  2. Серёжа - Valentin Strykalo
  3. По улице моей - Alla Pugacheva
  4. Повесица - Zemfira
  5. Дорога - Auktyon
  6. You're Tearing Me Apart (Songify The Room) - Greg Sestero, The Gregory Brothers, Tommy Wiseau
  7. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) - 
  8. Shostakovich: 3 Fantastic Dances, Op. 5: II. Andantino - Dmitri Shostakovich
  9. Sad Song - Scotty Sire
  10. Rich, White, Straight Men - Kesha
  11. my future - Billie Eilish
  12. The Moss - Cosmo Sheldrake
  13. I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco
  14. I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan
  15. Fuck You - Lily Allen
  16. Desert Song - My Chemical Romance
  17. Bust Your Knee Caps - Pomplamoose
  18. Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
  19. The Bidding - Tally Hall
  20. Arms Tonite - Mother Mother

Playlist link - https://sptfy.com/5xug

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