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Open Days  
How to apply  
Current Students  

Bahar Joveireh - a portrait series

Lumière - Photography Society’s Night Photowalk

Work from home, the future of work?

African Activism Through Art

Introducing the Clay Society

Guest Playlist Curator: Teri - "Epic Fantasy Adventure"

Guest Playlist Curator: Celina - "For a casual Tuesday"

Guest Playlist Curator: Isabel - "Electronic Flow"

Guest Artists: Filip and Jamie from "STELL/\RIS"

Guest Playlist Curator: Jasmína - "Neverdying Energy"

Guest Playlist Curator: Maria - "Sharp and Edgy"

Guest Playlist Curator: Arulan - "Ultimate driving / slightly old skool list"

Guest Playlist Curator: Zhenia - "My little personal collection"

Guest Playlist Curator: Bey - "Uncountable layers of a personality"

Guest Playlist Curator: Ali - "The Ultimate Weeb Playlist"

Guest Playlist Curator: Tamta - "Favourites"

Guest Playlist Curator: Irene - "My Goldies"

Guest Playlist Curator: Marawan - "MENA? Like The Actual Middle East?"

Guest Playlist Curator: Tenui - "15 Inspirational Artists"

Guest Playlist Curator: Melvin - "Ambiancé"

Guest Playlist Curator: Art - "Familiar Taste Of Poison"

UMAD 2019 CEE Region CIMA Summary

INPUT Workshop #11 w/ Dirty electronics & Max Wainwright Part 2

INPUT Workshop #11 w/ Dirty electronics & Max Wainwright Part 1

PC002 - Welcome Week 2019 Playlist

Guest Playlist Curator: 50 Shades of Joel

Prague College Spotify Playlist

Fight Like a Girl


It’s Kinda Bad


Becoming a Zero Hero

Stringent measures

“Recycle Vintage Store”: Prague’s Warrior vs. Fast Fashion

Game of  Tongues

Appreciating Garbage

GuruShots and My Trip to Italy

The Signs of Our Time: A Photo-essay on Prague students’ Strike for Climate Change

Hands of the Tasty Ebony

Queens of the Night

Generations of Masculinity

A Taste of Turkey at Prague's Christmas Markets

(A)broad Mind

A Unique Experience in the Rural Sudetenland

4+4 Days in Motion 2018 / Phenomenological Recipes / Installations and Performances

Pokoje 2018

The Parks Of Prague

Experience Lunchmeat Festival

Japanese Journey, a visit by Prague College School of Business: Part II

Japanese Journey, a visit by Prague College School of Business: Part I

Beyond the Coffee

Music in the Czech Republic

Why Style Matters

Is my art only authentic when it is related to my exotic origin?

Parsing the Arbitrary

Czech attitudes to the refugee crisis

Level Up! HND Graphic Design Show

Impressions of Prague: a Student Account

Viva Venezia

Should You Delete Your  Uber  Account?

I'm Scared, Too

Speculative Design

"Paper Made" Workshop

Planning the Final Show

MYETL: a Java software tool to extract, transform and load your business

Comparison of  beam-forming and relaying in Sparse Sensor Networks

Barter Online Network

Creative Coffee Culture

"Loving Vincent"

How beneficial to artists is music streaming?

A Critique of Cosmopolitanism in relation to its application to Global Ethics issues

Fairness, Trust, and the Removal of Dissatisfaction

Digital Signatures of the Baroque

Women Documentary Filmmakers: Framing War and 'Post-Conflict' Zones

'Design Studio' Graphic Design Show

Beyond Organic: Interactive Media Exhibition

Design Writing and Research

Julian Rosefeldt's "Manifesto"

Talking about Art History

Pokoje – where every room is another small universe

The Future of User Interface/Experience

A Fresh Eye on Art

2017 Signal festival lights up Prague

La Biennale di Venezia

Creative Media students are busy... creating media!

The value of professional accountancy qualifications

Student visit to Czech Television

Communications students at Model United Nations 2017

Communications & Media students visit to the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava

How to choose your path - interview with Jiri Michal

Exploring Business Law with Radio Free Europe

There is no Mocking This Interview!

Creative Niches - Current challenges in the creative start-up Jewellery Businesses in the Czech Republic

Entrepreneur's Journey: keeping momentum and staying successful over the long run

Executives up their game at Prague College

Gide Training

Old school is good school - The risks and side-effects of the use of computers in the classroom

Different Types of Leverage, Regulation, and Systemic Risk

Accounting Standards and Culture

Challenges of working in Multicultural Teams

Cost of Equity in Emerging Markets

Introducing GIDE to Prague College Business Students

Prague College Cooperation with ACCA

European Summer School in Prague College